EIU Basketball Documentary

Hello, friends.

I am so excited to share this video with you all. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to create videos that tell uplifting stories. When I was looking over my assignment sheet for my Field Production (CMN 2575) class at EIU I knew I had a chance. I also knew it would be a lot of work. Luckily, we were assigned partners for the project. So, special thanks to my fellow EIU journalism student, Lynnsey Veach for all her help and allowing me the freedom to see through my vision.

i sincerely hope you all enjoy. Thanks for continuing to support and  follow my journey to graduation.


VLOG #13 Thanksgiving recap

Sorry I haven’t been uploading these videos as frequently as I should be. With the semester winding down and finals right around the corner I have been pretty busy. Lucky for me I only have one actual final (Spanish) and the rest are more or less projects that I will either finish this weekend or early next week. I hope to upload another video next week. So, until then….enjoy this latest episode of my final week before Thanksgiving break and the week at home. Thanks again for watching and remember to LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT!

VLOG_#12 Back after a week off

Sorry I took a week off. In this 12th episode of my life as a non-traditional journalism major at EIU I do my best to catch you up. Thanks again for watching.

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VLOG #11 Why I Chose College

For me, the decision to choose EIU was fairly simple. With that being said, a four-year degree wasn’t (at least initially) always on my mind while enrolled at community college. It wasn’t until after talking with a lot of people about Eastern Illinois University and hearing all of the benefits that I decided to look into attending. From there, the rest is history. Check out the latest vlog to hear the full story of how I am making it work for my family and myself.

VLOG #10

For VLOG #10 I did things a little differently, rather than look back at my entire week, I will take you along with me Saturday only. This week was EIU’s Homecoming and Saturday was the parade and football game (we lost). So, sit back and enjoy some homecoming festivities with me. ENJOY!