The fall brought a very nice, long break to my final year of college. Halfway through the semester means it is time to buckle down and finish the semester strong.



Another week down. The last week before midterms, well for some people, I really don’t have any actual “midterm tests” this semester. This episode looks back on a super busy week. I joined the WEIU-TV to start shooting video and occasionally reporting. I wrote two stories for the Journal Gazette-Times Courier (1). I actually am really enjoying writing stories again. Actually, a lot more than I expected. Well, hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching.

VLOG #6.5

I wanted to share how similar the challenges students face when going back, or to college for the first time can be at all levels. In this special mid-week episode I sit down with a first-generation college student at EIU and discuss some of the challenges he faced in going to college while also letting him offer some advice on how he has adapted to life as a college student.

Many walks of life face many tough questions when choosing to attend college. Rest assured, there are also many of resources to help ensure you make the right decision.

Thanks for following our journey and hope you enjoy the video.


Special thanks to my wife and kids for meeting me for lunch during my second week away from home. Not a whole lot else happened this week besides another Spanish test, got an 86!!

I would love some suggestions on things some of you would like to see. I will also be releasing a short video in a few days about another EIU student who took a totally different route to school. Remember to LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT on the videos. THANK YOU ALL!